Adult Diaper Bags?

Adult Diaper Bags?

I stepped out of my comfort zone and fell in love with what happened...

In my personal life I wear diapers 22/7 is what I like to call it. Children's backpacks and loungeflys were a favorite. Years of backpacks over purses but carrying a spare change wasn't a priority then. I didn't realize how obvious a spare change was in my bag. The spare diaper crammed into my bag felt obvious sometimes. 

I wished I had a secret pocket for diapers. I loved the idea of a diaper bag I can wear as a backpack. Having a second pocket that easily holds 2 diapers and a spare cover (because leaks happen). Don't worry it easily holds XL diapers too!

Smaller pockets in each compartment work for different things. Like holding powder in one pocket or sunglasses and gum in a more "vanilla" side pocket.

But where do you keep wipes?

Only in the most convenient side pocket!

It has a velcro closure which makes it discreet but easily accessible for messy little hands, or changes on the go. It's come in handy and is easy to refill with a zipper and holds most standard wipe packs. 


The other side pocket is extra wide and fits water bottles perfectly.

Still looking for more pockets. Gotcha!  Two more stretch pockets in the front and a spare loop to hold  an adult pacifier pouch or could even attach a leash here for the cheekier littles that need to carry their own diapers around as a reminder.

It has a vintage nod, embroidery, and material look with a modern touch. Small details like gold zippers and hardware, extra wide and custom made straps for a comfortable backpack fit, easily unclip the straps & use the bag  as a diaper bag too!

But making a bag was a foreign concept for me. I studied womenswear design but never had to render more than a 2D sketch of a bag to go with an outfit. It was never the star of the show or given much criticism the same way the outfit was. This is also how I learned very quickly my drawing skills also lie within the 2 dimensional realm.

Explaining all the pockets, the wipes holder. and inner organization meant a lot of different sketches and renderings to try and get this bag to a point where someone else could understand my vision. My first sketches were ROUGH..

and I just drew this bag over and over and over and ov.. you know? Sampling the materials and details for months made me fall in love with these. All the hours of making these bags a reality I could wear and now share with you?? Unreal and hoping it can make wearing diapers a little easier, cuter and accessible when not at home. Honestly, theres times my bag is within reach so I'm using it for a change since it's all right there.


I'm just grateful for all the support to try new things and leave my comfort zone. I really hope to keep creating more fun things, this one just felt extra special coming from a daily need with wearing diapers and wanting a cute but discreet way to express myself and make changes easier.  Even the times I've had my bag and meant I had a spare for someone else on hand too! Just saying it's saved not only my buns in a pinch.  

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