Sneak Peek of the New Pacifier

Sneak Peek of the New Pacifier

Round With Less Pieces

Want to know something funny? When I started the classic round pacifier I was given a one piece design and told it would be a simpler start. Not gonna lie that first one also looked a bit more like a plug than a pacifier too haha. I had this vision for the classic round that I just couldn't let go of, and in turn, it ended up taking almost two years and lots of trial and error. But now.. I can't stop thinking about a cute one piece design that still feels very much like BYD. What it would be like to have a teat that doesn't vent and what a full silicone shield would feel like compared to plastic?

Out of both pacifier designs, it seems like the classic has been a comfy go to and chose it for the teat to start the design and of course a round shape.

(These first images always feel so surreal to me!)

Love how slim this feels without a button and a different fit against the face. I pinky promise I'll share more about the size of this pacifier with the 3D Prints. (That's the next stage to test the design)

The front of the new pacifier looks like a button. (I've secretly nicknamed it a cute mute button to myself). Buttons reminds me of Coraline, lalaloopsy dolls, and sewing but still feels so simple and babyish. Keeping the same count of holes still feels like it makes sense next to the classic round pacifier too. Trying my best to keep them different but still true to the brand at a glance.With a heavy emphasis on trying since I'm still learning as I go (:

Soft, simple and a little extra room to wiggle a finger into for noms.The handle is a smoother shape to not stand out too much and created a lighter feel and look compared to the button on the classic round. There's  a cute detail I can't wait to share in the next post that's just barely visible in this second picture (can you spot it). I'm the most excited to announce this design will be joining the shop this spring if all goes well in testing the mold and getting some squishy useable samples soon!

What do you think of the new design so far? Or thoughts on sharing more sneak peeks and the process of creating new pacifier shapes? I really enjoyed getting to talk and share more of what's going on and want to start using the blog and twitter for sneak peeks and talk about what's in progress. I've always wondered if its better to share all the progress or leave things a big surprise?


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