Restocks and a New Take On Basics!

Restocks and a New Take On Basics!

It's been.. a looong time since we've had a full stock of basics at BYD. But now they're back and in ruffles, with new colors to complete the pastel palette! Let's talk about the details for our new 15 piece collection!

The colors for our pastel basics range are some familiar favorites and a new addition. With all the love for Lavender last Spring, they just had to become part of the staples along with a mint.

(This palette just might remind you of a certain pacifier color collection too). A full restock of our best selling diaper covers and whole new soft range for the ruffle cover that you might remember from the Halloween collection. 


With 15 new pieces it felt like a good time to also update our set options.. introducing the 3 Piece Set! 

Some of the most requested updates have been options to mix and match colors & sizing for sets. 3 Piece sets allow you to do just that! Pick up to 3 different colors and pick a mix of your favorite pastels or complete your other basic sets! 

The updated set options also mean discounts for mixed sized sets for the first time! We've also updated sizing chart formats and included a photo version in each listing as well as a new chart that makes reading charts easier on different screen sizes! I felt like the website needed some subtle changes just like the basics. This is also the first full range release with updated sizing for the 2xl and 3xl compared to our very first basics release. It's been a goal to update basics and restock with more sizing and with feedback and help from everyone it happened! :) 


Long sleeves are one of the biggest demands and we wanted to make a comfortable and babyish take on a basic long sleeve. Seeing tagged posts, talking and hearing ideas from you never goes unnoticed. The cropped byd tutorials/ tags inspired a cropped take on the long sleeve inspired the cropped fit! A relaxed fit with a cotton fabric makes it breathable with a slight waist to still create some cute shape on these tees, for a flattering fit. The lapped shoulders and our signature scalloped edged trim creates a soft and babyish detail that's subtle but discreet enough to wear out and...

Our favorite detail on these long sleeves is a small and discreet embroidery that says "little days" with a small pull along duck by the wrist. The word little is in a dotted cursive font to help keep your secret safe from prying glances.  That small reminder can be your secret, maybe even a pleasant surprise when you look down to do something entirely big or stressful. There is something so special about how much a little day can brighten everything or bring so much comfort. 

Psst.. We also have knit bows now too! Securely attached and custom/ designed just for BYD with alligator clips to make taking these out a breeze.


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