Classic Round Adult Pacifiers are here and here's what you need to know!

Classic Round Adult Pacifiers are here and here's what you need to know!

Pacifiers are here! 

After more than a year and a half of designing and manufacturing they're finally available to purchase! I'm sure you have some questions about them and I hope this helps answer some and give a better look! And I pinky promise a much more ramble filled and detailed process of how this was designed and came to be is also coming!

I wanted each pacifier to work in as many ways as possible! From offering two teats per shield (so there's two different experiences from one pacifier), to the shield facing away from the face to be comfortable to everyone!

Each teat was designed from scratch and tweaked until they were both uniquely comfortable. It was after talking to a friend with a latex allergy that I realized there aren't any silicone options that gave that look and vintage look of latex. 

The vintage long stem bulb is a shape usually reserved for latex designs and now available in silicone!

The classic teat has a unique concave on the lower half that makes room for a tongue and latch effect. The button was designed to help teats easily inflate and has a narrow stem to help comfortably rest teeth on.


Curious how our new pacifier looks compared to a size 6 pacifier?

Take apart and interchange teats or easily clean your pacifier with our locking handle! It keeps your pacifier secured but comes apart with ease when you're ready! Just look for the notch in the handle to find a small divot or "key" shape! It fits the lock shaped button hole in the shield.(here's a few photos to help it make sense! and it comes disassembled so you can have fun trying both teats and see the key for yourself first hand just how simple the lock is, but there's also a video in the photos here)


Our large pacifier boxes are sure to make you feel small once it's in your hands! It'll help you take in all the special little details about this pacifier. Our packaging is plastic free! A recyclable cardboard box, tissue paper, and starch based peanuts will help your pacifier find it's new home! Each pacifier comes in a cotton storage bag, to help keep your extra teat dust free, travel with ease, and keep your comfort item a secret with discreet branding!

 (Each bag comes stamped with a simple "BYD")

I've always loved pacifiers and had this wish to upsize and make my own baby things. It's been a dream to bring this idea to life and every pacifier gets the shop closer to new styles, colors and entirely new products since the team is up for creating more! Thank you for checking out our first blog post and being apart of the BYD journey!




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